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How You Save

Here's How Your Savings Program Works!

Your monthly service and rental fee is a small percentage of savings based upon your original water bill. For example, if you spend $2,000 a month on your water bill (excluding taxes and service fees) before the SMART VALVE™ installation, we assume that you will save a minimum of 15% – your new water bill amount will be $1,700 or less. Your service and rental payment for a water bill of this size is 6% of your original water bill amount ($2,000 x 6% = $120). Your net savings will be $180 per month or $2,160 annually (before water price increases).

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Monthly Payment Percentage Value

You Never Pay More!

While you are on our SMART VALVE™ Water Savings Program, there are never any additional charges regardless of how high your water bills become in the future. Your nominal payment includes service and rental in entirety. In fact, on an annual basis, we will inspect your valve at our expense – it’s just an added service to ensure your SMART VALVE™ is working at an optimal level.

Monthly Water Bill Amount (WBA) * Monthly Payment Percentage Value (MPPV) Install Price
$500 - $999
$1,000 - $1,999
$2,000 - $4,999

* Introductory MPPV%’s are valid until July 31, 2023

Our Savings Guarantee

We guarantee that you will save money. We are so confident in our technology that we put our money where our mouth is – If you don’t meet or exceed our minimum guaranteed savings amount of 15%, we will remove, at your request, the SMART VALVE™ at our expense, without any penalties or hidden fees.

Alternatively, Canadian Water Savings Inc. will reduce your payment to never be more than 50% of your savings.

How to start Saving!


We will conduct a free site assessment to see if you qualify. We will inspect your water system to make sure it’s compatible.


We will provide a savings analysis based on your current water usage.


We will arrange to have the SMART VALVE™ installed so you can start receiving your Guaranteed Savings.

† Additional plumbing may be required based on site assessment